As long as I can remember I have been passionate about music and music reproduction technology. After studying computer science and electronics I spent about 20 years in the microelectronics and lighting industry but my real passion always was in building and modifying my own audio gear. My interest in vacuum tube amplification sparked in the 1980’s and I started to develop and build my own tube amplifiers and preamplifiers. This was about 25 years ago. What remained as a hobbyist activity for many years turned into my profession with the founding of VinylSavor in 2008. 


Although my educational background is digital electronics my favorite music source is analogue. This is reflected in the company name, with ‘Vinyl’ standing for vinyl records and ‘Savor’ from the verb ‘to savor’ which is a synonym for ‘to enjoy’.


When I was facing the decision of how to brand my amplifiers a very wise friend of mine told me that I should use my name, rather than VinylSavor. I didn’t think about that since my name is very common in Germany, like John Smith.  It was the absolutely right decision though because I not only build and test all products myself but this also reflects my philosophy of standing by the product with my name.


In 2013 I got in contact with the company ELROG Elektronenröhren GmbH & Co KG, a manufacturer of vacuum tubes who just started to develop and produce audio tubes. Since these German made tubes even surpassed NOS tubes in sound quality I started to use their 211 and 845and  to distribute  their tubes world wide. When ELROG was facing bankruptcy in 2016 it was a natural decision for me to rescue the know how and production machines. This led to the founding of my second company, Deutsche Elektronenröhren Manufaktur GmbH, which continues to manufacture audio vacuum tubes under the ELROG brand name.