My goal is to provide the best possible sound quality at any given price point. I always put my focus on the entire concept rather than individual aspects like the tube - or transformer choice. That is why you won’t see a silver option at some of the entry level products since it makes more sense to move up in the concept hierarchy before selecting silver transformers. 


You will not get any dogmas or audio- clichés from me. I have a repertoire of technical concepts and circuits which enable me to reach my sound goals. I do not claim these are the only or best possible way of implementing audio amplification. They represent my way of doing things. 


Some of these are:


Transformer coupling.

Transformer volume control in preamps

600 Ohm LCR RIAA EQ in phono stages

Low impedance circuits

Vacuum tube rectified high voltage supplies

Passive power supplies using many chokes for perfect ripple suppression


All my equipment is designed such that it provides it’s best performance without the use of expensive accessories like power conditioners, equipment stands or exotic cable. This is achieved by use of well engineered power supplies with custom made power transformers utilizing internal shielding to provide excellent mains noise suppression. Low impedance output stages in phono and line preamplifiers minimize the sonic impact of interconnects and long wires.


All equipment is designed such that no prolonged break in or warm up is needed. You can start to listen with the gear straight out of the box or after turn on. You might notice some slight improvements after warm up or some break in but not a general change in sound character. This also results in a long term, stable sound over many years.


All amplifiers are designed for simple operation. No user adjustments are necessary when tubes need to be replaced.  


Every amplifier and preamplifier is built and tested by myself. I listen extensively to each unit before it gets delivered.


Support does not end with the delivery of your equipment. In case   it is needed, the best possible after sales support is provided. We keep a large stock of tubes  in case your amplifier needs re-tubing. 


It is my mission to bring joy to people by providing them with tools to savor their music.